MCHD board members are elected to four-year terms; officers are elected by the board annually, and the board chairman announces the committee chairs each year.

MCHD Board Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 4 pm in the MCHD Board Room and are open to the public.

Qualifications for Office/Board Position

Elected MCHD Board of Political Subdivision/Elegido junta de MCHD  de la subdivision politica

Public Release Board Of Directors Contact Information

Board of Directors Manual

Compliance Plan

Brent Thor – Chairperson (At Large #1)

Mr. Thor is a 32-year veteran of the fire and EMS industry. He served as a firefighter/paramedic and fire chief in Arizona before moving to Texas…

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Chris Grice – Vice-Chairman (At Large #2)

Mr. Grice was elected to the MCHD Board of Directors in 2014. He serves as the Treasurer for the board. Mr. Grice joined the Amegy Private Bank in April of 2005 to present as team leader for Private Banking managing Northwest Harris County and Montgomery County, Texas…

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Charles Shirley – Treasurer (Precinct #3)

Mr. Shirley is CEO of Aidan Capital of Houston, where he owns and manages a diverse real estate portfolio throughout Texas. Previously, he was a Senior Vice-President with Native American Securities, Co., Inc. in New York and was an investment advisor with Salomon Smith Barney, Inc. He has experience as an investment banker for the real estate, gaming, environmental, and oil & gas industries…

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Brad Spratt – Member (Precinct #2)

Brad Spratt joined the MCHD Board in January 2017.  A native Texan, he was born and raised in Southeast Texas.  Upon graduating from high school, he began a career in emergency services as a volunteer firefighter in his hometown and, later, transitioned to a full-time position with the local 911 EMS provider.  He went on to become an EMT and Paramedic.  He has served as the Paramedic Field Supervisor for the 911 provider in Port Arthur, Texas…

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Georgette Whatley – Member (At Large #3)

Ms. Whatley has served on the MCHD Board of Directors since 2004, including a term as Chairman. She is the owner of a small business located in Conroe.
Ms. Whatley earned an Accounting Degree from Sam Houston State University, where she graduated Cum Laude in 1985…

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Robert Hudson – Member (Precinct #4)

Mr. Hudson is a 50-year veteran of the public safety community. He spent 36 years in the State of Michigan working in law enforcement, EMS, emergency management and fire services. His EMS career began in 1973 and he was one of the first groups of paramedics in Michigan. He held positions as a career chief fire officer in three Michigan fire departments…

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Vacant (Precinct 1)