Effective October 1 2020, all claims must be submitted to the HCAP office via:

Email: claims@mchd-tx.org 

 New Vendor Forms for Claims Submission 


2. W-9 FORM

For prior authorizations, contact PrimeDx at

(800) 477-4625

Payment Options:

1. Paper checks via mail

2. Direct deposit

For quicker reimbursement, we are providing you with the option for your payments to be deposited into your bank account.

Complete the ACH Form and return it to the e-mail address (ach@mchd-tx.org) at the top of the form.

Bill Pay FAQs




Contact Information
HCAP Bill Pay Team (936) 523-5111 HCAPBillpay@mchd-tx.org
Liz Bedair
Accounts Payable Specialist
(936) 523-1102 HCAPclaims@mchd-tx.org