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POLICY : ADM 01-103
In general, MCHD is not able to accommodate requests for Donations given that we are a tax subsidized government agency. MCHD may however, at its discretion provide In-kind Services in exchange for recognition or other services deemed to be of benefit the District or the community. In such event, in order to meet applicable laws, MCHD must be assured that it is receiving comparable value for In-kind Services it provides and that the MCHD Board of Directors retains substantial controls over the provision of In-kind Services



Dedicated Ambulance Standby
Rate: $150/hour*
Description: An MICU ambulance (Mobile Intensive Care Unit) staffed with 2 ALS providers dedicated to your event. This unit has the same care capabilities as a 911 ambulance.

Bike Team
Rate $100/hour*
Description: One bike team consists of 2 advanced care providers on bikes. A bike team can provide all immediate emergency interventions. Each bike team is equipped with an AED, BLS and ALS supplies.

Medic with a Bag
Rate: $75/hour*
Description: A single advanced care provider will be stationed at your event with and AED, BLS and ALS supplies and can provide immediate emergency interventions.

* All events will have 1-hour additional charge for travel

Click Here to Request Medical Standby at your Event