The MCHD Community Paramedicine Program has been established to assist the underserved and high-risk patients of the county. This program was designed to benefit those who use the 911 system regularly for preventable conditions, are at high risk for hospital readmissions, do not qualify for home health assistance, and/or are chronically ill and require education and support. Patients are selected for the program based upon EMS crew referrals and      9-1-1 call volume data. The team consists of a program coordinator, paramedics, a Community Health Worker, and the medical director.

The team’s goal is to work collaboratively with agencies in the community to improve the health and quality of life of our population though preventative healthcare using three steps:

Evaluate. Do a comprehensive assessment on the patient’s physical, mental, and psycho-social health; ability to independently perform the basic activities of daily living; and living arrangements, social network and access to support services.

Navigate. Make a care plan that addresses areas of concern and provides suggested interventions or actions and recommendations.

Link. Coordinate care by managing healthcare communication, providing support services and resources, and continue evaluating and monitoring.

So far, the program has been successful in reducing costs though decreased resource usage. Over 60% of enrolled patients have shown a decrease in 9-1-1 use for non-emergent medical needs, saving the county money and keeping resources available for critical situations.

For further information or to make a referral please contact:

Andrew Karrer – Community Paramedicine Coordinator


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