Communications between different organizations and among MCHD units critically impacts response times and quality. Montgomery County Hospital District operates and maintains an essential public safety communication network for first responders such as fire departments and public service users. This network follows the latest APCO P25 Phase 2 standards that allows first responders to work with each other using any P25 equipment. We continue to work with public safety agencies across our region and throughout the state to insure seamless communications during an emergency.


Fleet Services

MCHD operates a fleet of approximately 70 vehicles, most of which are Frazer Type I ambulances on a Ram 4500 Cummins turbo diesel chassis.

The Fleet Services is a “bumper to bumper” shop, completing most repairs in-house to minimize vehicle down-time. We employ an extensive preventive maintenance program, based on both mileage and engine hours.

MCHD vehicles utilize Zoll Road Safety to ensure safe driving practices by our staff and reduce the wear and tear on our vehicles. MCHD vehicles are also equipped with Lytx Drive Cam event recorders as part of our robust safety culture, which aid us in providing timely feedback and retraining, when indicated.

In addition to resolving any mechanical issues that may arise, all Fleet mechanics are certified as Emergency Vehicle Technicians (EVT) and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). This extensive certification process covers the maintenance, inspection and testing of ambulances as well as systems that are unique to emergency vehicles, such as electrical systems, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.The Fleet Department is committed to excellence in all we do.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Department is dedicated to providing professional, well-planned, cost-effective services. The department ensures MCHD infrastructure is designed, constructed, and maintained in optimal condition at all times. The department has 24/7 responsibility for the Administration Building, Support Center, and 23 EMS stations strategically placed throughout the county.


Materials Management

The Materials Management Department is responsible for the district’s purchasing and flow of goods, equipment and services throughout the organization. Our team works to ensure that all departments have access to the supplies and equipment needed to perform their job duties and provide superior value to the residents of Montgomery County.