MCHD Madness

March 5, 2018

MCHD remains progressive in its pursuit to provide the best EMS customer service in the nation. That includes Time at Destination, which translates to putting more ambulances back in service to respond to emergency calls. In the spirit of March Madness, MCHD has introduced MCHD Madness. This single elimination 64-person tournament pits the paramedics with the best Time at Destination against each other from March 9 to April 12, where only one medic can be crowned the fastest in the land. The bracket will be updated every Friday, with paramedics that have the best averages advancing in the tournament.

Paramedics were seeded from 1-to-16 in four different regions based solely upon previous Time at Destination averages. The Top Four seeds are Ashley Fillmore, Sarah Rothermund, Jordan Hanks and Benjamin Romberg respectively. Similar to the NCAA Tournament, the top seeds face off against the lowest seeds in the beginning, but the only thing guaranteed in this tournament is that one person will be crowned the MCHD Champion. Will there be upsets? That’s for you to decide.

Fill out your MCHD Madness bracket before the March 9 noon deadline. Each participating bracket will be tallied based on a system that awards points based on round advancement. The deeper the round the more points that correct pick will get you. The Grand Prize Winner (the MCHD employee with the most points) will take home a $50 Amazon Gift Card. With second place earning a $10 Chick Fil A gift card.

All MCHD and MCPHD employees are encouraged to can participate. One bracket per employee. Only brackets received by noon on Friday, March 9 will be eligible. Scan and email a copy of your bracket to before the deadline.

Be sure to go to the internal website home page and the MCHD Facebook page for weekly bracket updates. In-depth coverage and fun interviews with MCHD Time at Destination All-Stars will be on available on our Instagram Story. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @mchd_tx to stay in the loop.


Point system:

Round 1 win = 1 Point

Round 2 win = 2 Points

Sweet 16 win = 4 Points

Elite 8 win = 16 Points

Final 4 win = 64 points

Championship Win = 128 points