August 2, 2019

CONROE – Evelyn Huddleston and her family were brought to tears and lots of laughter during a ‘Save Reunion’ hosted by the Montgomery County Hospital District on July 30th. For the first time, she met the two paramedics and six firefighters who had a hand in saving her life, just a month ago.

Mrs. Huddleston told the crowd the last thing she remembers is hugging her 3-year-old great grandson and telling him goodnight before waking up in the hospital. Mrs. Huddleston went into cardiac arrest in the middle of the night, and her husband heard her fall to the floor and called 9-1-1. Fortunately, her 30-year-old granddaughter jumped out of bed and was able to follow CPR instructions from MCHD’s 911 dispatcher until first responders arrived and took over her care.

Ashton Herring, community outreach coordinator and paramedic for MCHD, emphasized the importance of bystander CPR to the crowd.

“For every minute that someone is in cardiac arrest without CPR, their chances of survival decrease by 10 percent,” Herring said. “So, the fact that your granddaughter was able to perform bystander CPR with our instructions had a huge impact on, not only your survival, but the fact that you are in the shape you are today.”

Mrs. Huddleston, who is 70-years-old, was joined by her family and a group of “knitting” friends, who all make hundreds of Christmas stockings to give to Shriner’s Hospital, Montgomery County Woman’s Center and military families every year. She never imagined going through something as traumatic as the events of that day, and now has a new outlook on life.

“I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart,” Mrs. Huddleston said. “You save people’s lives every day, and you don’t get the recognition you deserve. I just thank you all so much.”

We’d also like to thank the crews who had a hand in her survival including some of those who could not make the event.

Lori Fikac, MCHD In-Charge Paramedic

Spencer Lantz, MCHD Attendant Paramedic

Brenna Jaszkowiak, MCHD District Chief

TJ Earhart, MCHD Call Taker

Lt. Wesley Baker, South Montgomery County Fire Department

E/O Austin Etzel, South Montgomery County Fire Department

E/O Bruce Heckendorn, South Montgomery County Fire Department

Firefighter Joshua Juneau, South Montgomery County Fire Department

Firefighter Eric Mendez, South Montgomery County Fire Department

Lt. Adam Moore, South Montgomery County Fire Department

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