HCAP serves as the County Indigent Health Care Program for Montgomery County and is designed to provide covered healthcare services to eligible, low income residents who have no other public or private health care benefits. MCHD contracts for services with local physicians, hospitals and other providers.



  1. Residence – Must live in Montgomery County
  2. Income – May not exceed the minimum established Federal Poverty Income Level of 133%
  3. Resources – May not exceed $2,000 per month (or $3,000 if aged or disabled)
  4. Citizenship – US Citizens or Resident Aliens
  5. Medical Need – Must have a medical need of some kind



How to apply for The Montgomery County Health Care Assistance Program (HCAP)
  1. Fill out the APPLICATION; DO NOT leave any blanks.
  2. To expedite your application, please attach copies of information listed below.
  3. Mail or drop off your application with required documentation attached to: HCAP – 1400 South Loop 336 West, Suite #150, Conroe, Texas 77304

  • TXDL or TXID with same address as on your application
  • Voter’s Registration Card with same address as on your application
  • Current Utility Bill showing the same address as on your application (regardless of name on bill)

  • Four (4) most recent paycheck stubs and the complete EMPLOYER VERIFICATION FORM (NOTE: if you have unpaid medical bills from the past 3 months, then we need all paycheck stubs for those months as well)
  • If paid in cash, you must bring a statement from your employer verifying your income
  • If self-employed, please complete the SELF-EMPLOYMENT FORM for the last 3 months and current month, also provide all expense receipts for each of the months.
  • Current Social Security Award Letter for both spouses and any children receiving it
  • Current Child Support Statements (actual checks or court-ordered child support)
  • Current verification for Workmen’s Compensation medical benefits OR denial of benefits
  • A copy of the Texas Workforce Commission Registration Form with a current date stamp
  • Current proof of any fixed income, such as: widow’s benefits, retirement, pension, dividend payments, unemployment, workmen’s compensation, etc.

  • Complete bank statements from checking, savings, and business accounts
  • Verification of stocks, bonds, or retirement accounts
  • Automobile registration or title for all vehicles in the household regardless of whose name the vehicle is in (If you still owe money for the vehicle please submit the most current statement that shows the current balance)

PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION (for everyone in your household)
  • Texas Driver’s License or Texas ID Card
  • Resident Alien Card or Passport
  • Social Security Card, Birth Certificate or Certificate of Naturalization

  • If an applicant is unable to work, applicant must provide a letter or documentation from their physician stating inability and duration of inability to work

  • Current award / denial letters for TANF, SSI, Housing and Food Stamps or any other assistance program (bring all pages of those that apply)
  • Statement of Support Form completed and signed by everyone who helps to support you and a copy of the supporter(s) driver’s license/ID

  • Your application and documentation will be pre-screened by a caseworker.
  • If there is any documentation needed to make a complete application, you will be notified by mail and asked to submit the additional information.
  • Once your application is complete, we will complete the pre-screen process and notify you by phone or mail to set up an appointment. (We reserve the right to request additional information at  any time during the application or interview process.)
  • Should you case be denied, you will be mailed a denial letter.