Operations Bulletin

TO: MCHD Staff
FROM: IT Department
DATE: September 7, 2018
RE: External Email Tagging

Operation #: 18-029
In an effort to help staff sort through emails, MCHD IT Department will be tagging all emails originating outside the MCHD network. These emails will now be tagged “[EXTERNAL EMAIL SOURCE]” at the beginning of the message. This does not mean the email is malicious. This tag should prompt you to exercise caution prior to opening your email.

Do not click on links or attachments in email messages with which you are unfamiliar.

If you have a District cell phone, the best practice is to open these emails on your iPhone first as most of the malware will only infect Windows computers.

As a reminder, phishing emails are sent by scammers attempting to access an organization’s network or your personal information on your personal computer. These emails attempt to lure you either click malicious links or attachments to install malware. The web links may take to you to fake websites that fool you to divulge your password or financial information such as credit cards or account numbers.