The Fleet Maintenance Department is a unique team compiled of expert mechanics, a Parts Inventory Technician, a Mechanic’s Helper, an Administrative Assistant and a Fleet Manager. Although the members of the Fleet Team are as diverse as they come, they all share one definitive purpose, keeping the Fleet vehicles at optimal operational performance, while at the same time keeping the medical crews and patients safe.
The Team is lead by:

  • Wayde Sullivan- Fleet Manager and includes the following Members:
  • Kevin Gunselman- Mechanics Helper
  • Albert Ledwig- Mechanic I
  • Kevin Lee- Mechanic III Master Certified Mechanic
  • Jeremy McMinn- Mechanic II
  • Josh Nutt- Mechanic II
  • Chuck Smith- Administrative Assistant
  • Howard Tutt- Mechanic III Master Certified Mechanic/ Parts Inventory Technician

The Fleet Maintenance Department is a bumper to bumper shop completing all repairs in house with the exception of warranty repairs, cosmetic body repairs and selected repairs that are more cost effective to have done by the dealer. We are committed to minimizing the critical failures of our vehicles.

In order to accomplish this we employ an extensive preventive maintenance program, which is mileage based, with each service increasing in intensity as the mileage increases. By consistently maintaining this schedule many repairs are minimized due to failing components being identified and repaired prior to critical failure. In addition to resolving any mechanical issues that may arise all Fleet Mechanics are certified as Emergency Vehicle Technicians.

This extensive certification process covers the maintenance, inspection and testing of ambulances as well as systems that are unique to ambulances, such as electrical systems, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.
The Fleet Department committed to excellence in all we do.