The Facilities Team is dedicated to providing an attractive, clean, safe and well planned environment to facilitate campus activities and support the mission and goals of MCHD. This is accomplished through the exceptional delivery of facilities services in a timely and cost effective manner along with great customer service.

Our mission is to provide professional project management services for all renovation, alteration and new construction, including project planning, budgeting, scheduling, design, es
timating, bidding, procurement, inspection and occupying services.

Manage each project from inception to completion with integrity and professionalism to ensure the highest quality product with the greatest satisfaction to the users. Furnish workplaces free
from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death, injury or illness. Comply with laws and regulations set forth pertaining to Safety, Environmental, Health, and Fire Safety.
Establish a system of preventive, corrective, and restoration and replacement maintenance to ensure that all physical assets are maintained in good condition at all times The Facilities Team is composed of:

Avery Belue – Facilities Manager
Michael – Facilities Technician III
James- Facilities Technician II
Kevin – Facilities Technician I