2013 employee of the year awards

Attendant of the Year:Ed Thierbach
Incharge of the Year: Eric Berlehner
Incharge of the Year: Scott Sanders
Public Health Employee of the Year: Shawn Henners
Support Services Employee of the Year: Avery Belue
Administrative Employee of the Year: Emily Fitzgerald
Alarm Employee of the Year: Lee Arnold
Alarm Employee of the Year: Laurie Sutton
HCAP Employee of the Year: Melissa Johnson
HCAP Employee of the Year: Sherri Royal
Part Time Standout of the Year: Casey Wood
Employee of the Year: Emily Fitzgerald
Billing Employee of the Year: Letty Sulley
Department of Clinical Services Employee of the Year: Connie Case
Manager of the Year: Jordan Anderson
Supervisor of the Year:  Patrick Langan
Supervisor Choice Award – Incharge of the Year: Donald Smith
Supervisor Choice Award – Attendant of the Year: Cynthia Velasquez
Supervisor Choice Award – Rookie of the Year: Erik Smith
Mentor of the Year: Devin Miracco


Field Employee of the Year – Brenna Jaszkowiak
Non-Field Employee of the Year – Sarah Nakunz
In Charge of the Year – Jack Maddox
Attendant of the year – John Hancock
Supervisor of the year – Chris Goodrich
Alarm employee of the year – Lauri Sutton
Department of Clinical Services Employee of the year – Brandi Matthews
HCAP employee of the year – Sara Waters
Support Services employee of the year – Kevin Gunselman
Billing employee of the year – Melony Quinn
Public Health employee of the year – Ade Moronkeji
Administration employee of the year – Lauren Abell
Manager of the year – Matt Walkup
Supervisors Award Incharge of the year – Hayden Rampy
Supervisors Award Attendant of the year – Robin Johnson
Supervisors Award Rookie of the year – Spencer Hall
Mentor of the year – Sara Horton