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public_health_imgThe Montgomery County Public Health District is responsible for promoting a healthy, resilient community through health education, disease prevention, clinical services and emergency preparedness activities.
We are proud to announce new services at our Public Health Clinic  for our HCAP patients located at 1300 S. Loop 336 West, Conroe, Texas 77304. Please make your appointment today by calling (936) 523-5020.

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Marcela Briers

Public Health Manager



The MCHD Navigator Program


The Navigators team us with the MRC to recruit local volunteers at

Lone Star College.


The navigator program, an initiative of Montgomery County Public Health District is up and running! The team consisting of a navigator coordinator and two community health workers (CHWs) are proactively working to address some of the gaps identified in the 2011 Montgomery County Community Health Assessment. Specifically, the program is focused on reaching out to the underserved and providing the necessary link to healthcare services, as well as assist in securing a medical home for them.

The increasing changes and associated complexities of the current healthcare environment often serve as barriers, and impede individuals from accessing the care they need. These barriers are not only financial; they can be logistical, emotional and even cultural. According to the Community Health Assessment, a large number of Conroe area residents who use public insurance also lean on the emergency rooms as their primary care source because they simply don’t know where else to turn. We want to utilize this program and change this trend. The efforts of the CHWs will be directed at closing that lack of care gap through an emphasis on prevention approach. They will initiate communication with our targeted community and build a trust-based relationship with its members, in the hopes of improving health outcomes.

Through the Navigator program, we will first work to identify residents who lack a usual source of care. Whether they need a primary care physician or simply resources to help them with conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure management, we serve as a bridge to connect them to the experts they need. We will work alongside community partners and continue to help residents overcome health care system barriers and facilitate access to quality medical care.


MCHD’s Community Paramedicine Program

The Montgomery County Hospital District Community Paramedicine program has been established to bring preventative health care services to an underserved and at-risk population. Clients that may benefit from this program may be those that use the 911 system regularly, those that are at-risk for hospital readmission, those who do not qualify for home health services, and chronically ill patients that require additional support in the home.

Our Community Paramedicine Programs have the goal of improving the patients overall quality of life. We look forward to working with our patients and families to provide a positive impact in their daily health care and to show you how we can make a difference in your life.

For further information or to make a referral please contact:


Andrew Karrer

Community Paramedicine Coordinator

Montgomery County Hospital District




MCHD Clinic for HCAP Patients 



Clinic Services


  • Immunizations
  • STD Screenings
  • TB Screenings
  • Primary Care (For HCAP Patients Only)
Clinic Fee Schedule

1 vaccine – $10
2 vaccines – $20
3 or more vaccines – $30

TB Services

TB Initial Visit – $25
TB Follow up visit(s) – $15

Onsite Testing

TB skin test- $10
Pregnancy test – $10
Quan/feron (QFT) – $25

STD Services

STD Initial Visit-$25
STD Follow up visit -$15

Medical Records

Copy of Chest X-Ray results – $5
Copy of STD test results – $5
Proof of treatment card (TB or STD) – $5
Immunization card replacement – $5
Other medical records- $5 for the first 10 pages,
10¢ for each additional page

Clinic Location/Contact

1300 S. Loop 336 West
Conroe, Texas 77304
Phone: (936) 523-5020
Hours: M-F 8am -5pm
Closed from 12pm-1pm Daily


To make an appointment or for further information please call (936) 523-5020